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Our Team

Our diverse research team comprises leading experts in fields ranging from communication and management studies to clinical neuroscience, legal philosophy, and governance in the digital era. By synthesizing expertise from these four domains, we aim to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how emerging technology will impact both human-machine relationships and leadership dynamics, as well as how societal perceptions and access to the technology will shape its future course.

Our project team is managed by the Project Lead, Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel, from University of St. Gallen. Our Principal Investigators include Prof. Dr. med. Surjo Soekadar from the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Dr. Valentin Jeutner from Lund University, and Dr. Hin-Yan Liu and Dr. Jacob Livingston Slosser from University of Copenhagen.

University of St. Gallen

Prof. Miriam Meckel


Dr. Bing Huang

Postdoc Researcher


Charles Ma

Research Assistant


Gina-Maria Pöhlmann

Research Assistant


Prof. Dr. med. Surjo Soekadar


Dr. med. Maria Buthut

Postdoc Researcher

University of Copenhagen


Dr. Hin-Yan Liu


Dr. Jacob Livingston Slosser

Lund University


Dr. Valentin Jeutner


Dr. Aurelija Lukoseviciene

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Cooperation Partners 

Ada Learning GmbH

Strangeworks Inc


Dr. Léa Steinacker


William Hurley

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