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We seek to research the cultural and social implications of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

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Project Overview

Our research initiative seeks to pioneer a comprehensive understanding of Quantum AI's socio-cultural implications by investigating it through three distinct but interconnected perspectives. Initially, we will dissect how stories and narratives surrounding Quantum Computing (QC) and Quantum AI shape the trajectory of research and implementation, especially focusing on a pan-European context. We aim to ensure that societal benefits are given equal consideration during the technology's nascent stage. Secondly, we will investigate how QC affects decision-making mechanisms, from the level of individual participants to broader collective entities. Issues of accessibility and equitable distribution are critical in computer-driven decision-making, and we aim to take precautionary measures to prevent Quantum AI from exacerbating existing inequalities. Lastly, we will delve into the legal complexities introduced by QC, aiming to identify the legal consequences of integrating Quantum AI into ethical and accountable decision-making systems.

The objective of this research is to establish an empirical framework for understanding the factors influencing Quantum AI's future evolution. We will also create educational resources to promote a nuanced understanding of Quantum AI's capabilities and limitations. By doing so, our research aims to empower individuals, organizations, and entire communities to proactively address the challenges and opportunities presented by the widespread adoption of Quantum AI.

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