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Quantum State of the World

How Quantum Computing Helps Discover the Entanglement of Everything


in the Age of Quantum AI

A research project aiming to provide the first systematic exploration of the social and ethical significance of Quantum AI through three lenses: technology narratives, decision-making processes, and legal implications.

Watch our video to gain first-hand insights into the project, as Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel, Dr. Lea Steinacker, Prof. Dr. Surjo Soekadar, and Dr. Aurelija Lukoseviciene discuss the transformative potential of quantum technology.

QSHIFT is a collaborative research project led by a consortium consisting of four universities and two cooperation partners, located in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

Advances and investments in quantum computing (QC) hold the potential to significantly impact how we solve complex problems across a variety of industries. Although QC is still in its infancy, it could, for example, greatly enhance the computational capabilities of existing machine learning systems, leading to the emergence of Quantum AI. This transformation, which we refer to as QShift, stands in stark contrast to the current lack of social scientific reflection on its broader implications. Through this project, we aim to focus on the human implications of, and contributions to, this rapidly evolving field.

QSHIFT is founded by the CHANSE programme.

Project Duration: 1 November, 2022 - 31 October, 2025



Cooperation Parterns

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